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Welcome to ThinkersOne.

We want to democratize access to the smartest brains and empower organizations of all sizes to ignite their next meetings or inspire their co-workers  to build their businesses and expand their personal capabilities.

Prior to founding ThinkersOne, we spent over 20 years in the thought leadership, content marketing, media and marketing spaces. Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to play a role (sometimes major... sometimes minor) in almost every aspect of many industries.

Here's what we've learned...

Companies and organizations want:

  • Access to the biggest brains and the most relevant thought leadership
  • More personalized and relevant content
  • Shorter content with more frequency in connection
  • A live and/or "in the moment" experience
  • To surprise and delight both their team members and clients

Now you can purchase personalized thought leadership from the world's greatest Thinkers much in the same way you can buy anything else online.

Why ThinkersOne


"Can you just hop on a quick Zoom with our team for 15 minutes?"
“I sent your book to my client, and they loved it! Would you mind recording a quick video for them for the holidays?”
“Is there a way that I can get you to record a quick 10 minute video to show my team about the state of work today?”
“I know you’re speaking at our upcoming event, would it be possible for you to record a video to personally invite our VIPs to our event?”
“We saw you speak at our annual retreat last year, and we would love to have you give our team a quick update on what’s changed since then.”
“I know that we can’t afford your keynote fees for our little weekly gathering, is there anything that you can do to help us?”
“My client is struggling and I’d love to gift them a video of you speaking to their challenges. Do you do that sort of thing?”
“Our team is reading your book and we’d love to invite you to one of our book club meetings…”

Long before the pandemic, these are the types of questions that authors, journalists, speakers, influencers, academics and more (collectively, we call them “Thinkers”) have been asked. As the pandemic continues, these types of questions have become more frequent and common. If you look at the data, companies are struggling to keep their team members engaged, connected and growing in this new world of in-person, hybrid and virtual work, meetings, gatherings and events.

That's where ThinkersOne comes in.

ThinkersOne is the platform that empowers companies to have better meetings, corporate events and off-sites with personalized and bite-sized thought leadership from the best Thinkers in the world.

The Founders

Mitch Joel

When brands like Google, Starbucks, Shopify and GE want to leverage technology to better connect with their consumers, they call Mitch Joel. He has been called “one of North America’s leading visionaries” by Strategy Magazine. Mitch Joel is a co-founder ThinkersOne and active thought leader working at the intersection of consumer behavior, brand and technology. Prior to ThinkersOne, Mitch spent close to two decades (side-by-side with Aubrey Rosenhek) building, running and selling a digital marketing agency to WPP. Mitch's first book, Six Pixels of Separation, named after his successful podcast, is a business bestseller. His second book, CTRL ALT Delete, was named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon. He is a journalist for I Heart Radio, Rogers Media, Harvard Business Review, and more. Mitch was awarded the highly prestigious Top 40 Under 40. In 2019, Mitch was named to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's "100 Coaches" list. Thinkers50 named Mitch to their exclusive Radar class for 2021. Since 2005, he has given between 40-60 keynote presentations a year to small, medium and large organizations in both the B2B and B2C space all over the world.

Aubrey Rosenhek

Prior to ThinkersOne, Aubrey was Co-founder of Twist Image which grew to be one of the largest Digital Marketing agencies in Canada and was subsequently acquired by WPP. Over the course of nearly 20 years (side-by-side with Mitch), Aubrey’s responsibilities evolved from being the one-person creative department to being a public company COO / CFO. Aubrey is an investor and advisor, an active mentor in the Startup community and a charitable organization board member. He’s also an art junkie and a bass player.


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