Mark Bowden

Voted the #1 Body Language Professional in the world, Mark is passionate about giving audiences and clients the most influential and persuasive communication techniques to build trust and credibility every time they speak. Inspiring, energetic, engaging, and entirely entertaining, Mark’s memorable talks, training and webinars prove life changing for audiences, helping them shift gears to become more effective communicators and their businesses to grow across all industries and sectors. Founder of his communication training company TRUTHPLANE Mark offers his unique methodology, a system [...]

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Amplify your meeting or event with a powerful thought leadership video recorded just for you.

Give your weekly sales meeting a new kind of energy boost. Add a unique element to your next virtual meeting. Get your team excited as you embark on your upcoming strategic planning session. Think:Idea is a video that is recorded just for you, and it delivers a big insight in a short amount of time. Pure brilliance from a leading Thinker that will get your people connected and inspired.

Trust & Credibility Via Video From Home

How do I set up for success? “Personal is the new professional” when it comes to meeting via video. What can you do with your...

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

Price: $900.00

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Create Active Participants Not Passive Consumers

How can you make every meeting or presentation utterly compelling? Change attendees from indifferent bystanders into committed advocates. The way you create conversation, call for...

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

Price: $900.00

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Winning Body Language For Rock Star Confidence

Got that big meeting and need to know you or your team can knock it out of the park? People judge us in microseconds as...

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

Price: $900.00

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A Personal Greeting From Mark

About to make that big presentation to win the day and could REALLY benefit from a quick personalized shout-out, pep talk, or last minute top...

Duration: Approx. 2 minutes

Price: $180.00

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Go live with a virtual discussion for your team or customers.

The global thinkers who set the agenda in the world of business. The experts at the cutting edge of what’s around the corner in your industry. The authors whose earmarked books are showcased on your bookshelves. Now live and direct through your virtual meeting platform, have a Thinker pop in for a quick and dynamic Q&A that will surprise and engage your team. This is the perfect way to make your next meeting memorable. Think:Live puts the best Thinkers on the planet directly (and virtually) at your table.

Go Live With Mark

Get answers for your team’s burning questions on how to best show up virtually - and live - to stand out, win trust, and gain...

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

Price: $900.00

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What is ThinkersOne?

ThinkersOne is a new way for businesses, organizations and individuals to buy bite-sized and personalized wisdom, thought leadership and pep talks in video form from some of the world’s most respected leaders. Welcome to the best new way to motivate, educate and empower an employee, your team or a customer. 

How long will it take for me to receive my Think:Idea or Think:Greeting?

Thinkers are committed to creating your personalized videos as quickly as possible, and within 5 business days.

How do I pay for a video and will I be charged taxes?

All prices are in USD and can be purchased with most major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard), PayPal or via your Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay). The tax rate applied to your order will be the tax rate associated with the billable address of your payment choice.

How will I receive my ThinkersOne video?

Once your video has been recorded, you will receive an email with a secure/password protected private link. You will then be able to view, download or share your video easily.

Can I use these ThinkersOne videos in my marketing or advertising?

No. You are not allowed to use ThinkersOne content in any marketing/advertising or for any commercial purpose. These are special videos for you, your team or your internal event.

Can I post these videos to social media?

Sort of. You are allowed to share your Think:Greeting on your social channels, however, you are not allowed to post Think:Idea or Think:Live content on any social media platforms or for any commercial purpose. The Think:Idea and Think:Live is special video content for you, your team or your internal event. With that, we encourage you to let the world know that you are using ThinkersOne and the Thinkers to motivate, educate and empower your team and customers.



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